US 75 Rock Creek, Coal County

Though built in 1931, the wide 28-foot deck and widened pier tops give a strong indication that this bridge was probably widened from the 22 feet of the typical early 1930's in the late 1940's or early 1950's. Built originally by the Muskogee Iron Works, this bridge consists of an 80-foot long Parker pony truss span flanked by two 35-foot steel stringer approaches. The photo above, looking through the bridge, gives an overall view of the bridge's current condition. The monolithic concrete railing wall is not original to the 40's or 50's rebuilding, but much latter.

Below, a side view showing all three spans. the paint on the steel work and trusses is still quite good.

Above, a close view of the truss span. Note the cantilevered tops on the piers to accommodate the wide bridge.

Below, a view of the truss from the deck. The 18-inch wide curb allowed plenty of room to add the concrete barrier.

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