Old OK 3 Coal Creek, Coal County

Built in 1928 by Woodward Construction Co., this bridge served OK 19 from 1928 to 1938, then served OK 3 from 1938 until it was bypassed. The view above shows the old highway coming down to the bridge. Below, a close view through the structure. The riveted Pratt pony is 70 feet long and features an 20-foot wide concrete deck.

Above, a side view of the truss.

Below, a band-aid repair to one of the endposts. Highway bridges always seem to suffer at the hands of incompetent drivers.

Above, this bent endpost is more evidence of collision damage. Motor vehicles are made of sheet metal, this bridge is structural steel; to be bent as we see it here, what did the vehicle look like afterwards? Also note the original lattice railing hiding behind the modern galvanized railings.

Below, deck view of one of the trusses. The four-panel riveted Pratt was a popular pony truss for spans from 60 to 80 feet.

Above, a final view looking through the bridge.


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