US 75 Coal Creek, Coal County

Although built in 1932 according to records, this bridge has none of the characteristics of an early 1930's highway truss bridge thanks to a late 1940's or 1950's era rebuilding. It features a wide 28-foot deck with wide curbs, and even still has what we've come to call the concrete "fence" style railing in the later single rail style. Above is a view looking through this altered but unmolested structure. It consists of 2 spans, a 40-foot steel string approach span, and an 80-foot long Parker pony span.

Below, a close view showing the concrete railing and the deck side of the truss.

Above, a side view showing the mainspan, part of the approach, and the pier. The steel work all appears to be quite clean.

Below, another general view of the structure. This bridge is not load posted and still in good condition.

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