OK 109 Kiamichi River, Choctaw County

Built in 1965, this bridge may well be the last Oklahoma truss bridge that was built new and not moved. It has all the features of other contemporary bridges: wide flange steel shapes, wide deck with wide curbs, Warren-type portal bracing, and wide steel channel railings on the approach spans. The photo above is looking south through the structure. It consists of a 180-foot long, 9-panel K-truss, two 100-foot long Parker pony truss spans, and two 60-foot steel stringer approach spans. Total length of the structure is 508 feet, deck width is 28 feet. Below, a view of the truss structures from one of the stringer approaches.

Above hip of a pony truss and below, hip of the mainspan., Because of the late date of this bridge's construction, all of the field connections were made with grade 5 structural bolts and nuts. All the shop connections were riveted.

Above, assembly stamps found on some of members on one of the pony spans. We actually found these in many places. Again note the bolts used for connections.

Below,  detail of the truss on the mainspan. Also note the damage done to the portals by tall vehicles.

Above, another view of the mainspan showing the arrangements of the sway bracing and portal frames.

Below, an final overview of the bridge. In many ways, this bridge represents the end of truss building in Oklahoma.

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