Old US 271 Caston Creek, LeFlore Co.

Built in 1920, this three-span pin-connected Pratt through truss once carried US 271 over Caston Creek near Wister. Each span is 137'-8" in length and has seven panels.

Below, a view looking east-west through the bridge. Note that the portal bracing consists of five panels and seems proportionately taller than normal.

Above, a close view through the bridge. These spans are entirely pin connected, and appear to be a early state design because of their relatively heavy proportions.


Above and below, views from the deck showing the general arrangement of the bridge. The weather on our visit was not too favorable to get really good shots, so we hope this bridge is still here on our next visit. This bridge was found to be, surprisingly, in good condition. No damage from traffic accidents, tall vehicles, or overloading could be found.