US 70 across the Washita River, Bryan Co.

Lake Texoma Roosevelt Bridge

Built in 1942, this structure is Oklahoma's only through Warren truss with curved top chords. The length of this through span is 250 feet, the longest span in a highway bridge, but not the longest span (that distinction goes to the Wanette-Byars, with its three lengths of 265 feet each).

Below, an overview of this large structure.

Above, a side view. Note that the approach spans are not stringer spans, they are riveted deck girder spans, much like you might see on a railroad bridge.

Above, a close view of the Warren truss span. We plan on returning on a better day to get a good side view of this span. Note the massive, tapered concrete piers holding this span.

Below, a close-up of the construction of the approach spans. Normally we do not give so much attention to approaches, but these are different than most and quite substantial.

Above, David serves as a scale. You can also  see more clearly the construction of these riveted spans.

Above and below, details of the light/electric poles. These appear to be original.

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