OK 199 Washita River, Bryan Co.

Cumberland Cut Bridge.

Located adjacent to Ft.Washita, this is a rather unusual and historic bridge. Built in 1950, the structure appears to have been constructed entirely of reused spans, including a 210-foot long pin-connected Parker through truss that appears to have been widened.

Above, a view looking east. The bridge is made up of four spans: an 80-foot Parker pony truss, a 160-foot Parker/K-through truss, a 210-foot Parker through  truss, and another 80-foot Parker pony. Total length of structure from abutment to abutment is 538 feet, deck width is 22 feet.

Below, the 210-foot Parker truss, looking east. This is the longest pin-connected truss bridge on the state highway system

Above, a side view of the Parker truss shown in the previous photograph. Another unusual feature of this bridge is its square piers.

Below, a side view of the Parker/K-truss. This span is much newer in overall design and detail than the other three.

Above, a deck view looking east. The newer Parker/K-truss span does not have lattice guards.

Below, another deck view of the main span looking east.

Above, a close view of the 160-foot span.

Below, a close view of the west pony span.

Above a final view of this interesting bridge. Much speculation could be given to the origins of the four spans assembled here. The 210-foot span and the two ponies all look to date back to the 1920's, and may have been from the same structure. The 160-foot Parker/K-truss hybrid most likely dates to the mid 1930's. This bridge's load posted status raises much fear that its fate is sealed. However, I hope ODOT will spare this bridge and allow it to stand along side any replacement that gets built. It is really a fine bridge, and the location is a scenic one.

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