OK 7 Blue River Bridge, Johnston Co.

Built in 1933, this 140-foot Oklahoma K-truss with approaches spans the Blue river about 2.5 east of the OK7 & OK99 junction.

Above, looking thru the bridge. These pictures were taken December 2008, and you can see that utility work has been done anticipating construction of a replacement structure.

Below, an angle view of the structure. The approaches still have their original concrete railings, in fairly good condition.

Above, view of truss. The portal braces were replaced some time ago. This 140-foot truss was the shortest K-truss used in Oklahoma.

Below, another view of the bridge, from the side. The deck is 22 feet wide, and overall length of bridge structure is 265 feet.

Above, a final view of this fine veteran of service. Overall, the condition of the bridge is good, much better than many bridges not being replaced.



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