Bitter Creek Crossing, Blaine County

This 40-foot long Half-hip Pratt truss bridge was erected at this location in 1920, and may have been moved from another location. It was built by The Canton Bridge Co., of Canton, Ohio. The bridge features several elements that suggest it originated from late Victorian practice, such as finials at the hips.

Above, an overview of the bridge. You can see the ball finials at the top of each endpost.

Above, a close-up of the builder's plaque and finial.

Below, another view of the bridge, at a greater angle. The half-hip Pratt combined elements of the Warren type truss with the Pratt truss.

Above, the finial on the other hip is not in so great a shape.

Below, a view through the bridge. The structure almost melts into its surroundings.


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