OK 6 Timber Creek Access Road, Beckham Co.

This little riveted Warren pony truss, because of the odd way ODOT does some things, is considered part of OK 6. In reality, it cross Timber Creek, which parallels the highway a very short distance, and connects a private driveway with the highway. It is 40 feet in length, and records indicate it was built by Classen and Venable. The date given is 1936, though, this is most likely when it was moved here, because the size and construction of the bridge suggest a 1910-1920 era for original construction.

Above and below, some views of the short span. As you can see it is 3 panels in length. We assume the bridge and road is "public" until you get to the gate, and as you can see, it is posted and has reflectors too. The trusses are built entirely from angle and plate, no channel is used.

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