Bear Creek Bridge, Logan County

Built in 1915, this 4-panel half-hip Pratt has undergone some repairs. Below, a view of the bridge. At 75 feet, this bridge is much larger than the more typical 3-panel half-hip Pratt.

Above, builder's plaque on one of the hips. This bridge was build by The Canton Bridge Co., of Canton Ohio. This company built many bridges in Oklahoma.

Below, this plaque, being made of brittle cast iron, is much more vulnerable to damage because of the way it is mounted. Given that, it is quite remarkable that the plaque survives wholly intact.

Above, in explaining some of the repairs this bridge has been made subject to, the above photo will clarify. This is a typical post on this bridge. Four angles laced together and riveted to plates at the top and bottom. Compare this to the photo below,  where a pair of laced channels from another bridge has been welded in place of the original post. Two of the six posts have been modified in this manor. These repair sections, judging by their size, were taken from larger bridges of similar vintage to this one.

Above, close-up of the weld-in repair. Below, photograph of the truss with the repaired posts.

Above, detail of lower chord connection. Note the welded repairs on the eyebars.

Above and below, a view looking north, and one looking south of this interesting little bridge.