OK 3 Muddy Boggy Creek, Atoka County

Built in 1933 by Standard Paving Co., this impressive structure consists of two 100-foot riveted Parker pony approach spans and an impressive 180-foot long riveted through K-truss. The bridge also features a full width 24-foot wide deck. Above, a view looking through the structure. Below, a side view.

Above, an oblique view of the mainspan. The 9-panel K-truss was one of the larger bridge types designed by the State Highway Engineer. Below, close view of portal. As you can see, the portal has been struck many times. You can also see where corner knee braces would have once attached to the endposts below the lower portal strut. These, of course were removed for clearance reasons.

Above, deck view showing the trusses and sway braces. Below, close view of one of the pony spans. Note also the concrete wing post next to the black and yellow sign.

Above, an overturned pier and abutment are the remains of a structure that existed here before the present bridge was built.

Below, a barrel shot for a final view. We are uncertain about this bridge's future, as dirt work was well underway when we visited. However, the new structure will bypass this one far enough away that it might be left in place, but we do not know.

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