US 59 Illinois River Bridge, Adair Co.

Built in 1931, this is probably Oklahoma's oldest K-truss bridge, and one of only a few you will find with the old-style lattice guard railings on the truss spans. The K-(Parker)-truss span is 210 feet in length and the pony span to the north of it is 100 feet long.

The first photograph presented below gives an overview of the bridge from the deck. The approach spans have the concrete "fence" rails with panel detail seen on many bridges throughout the state. Other than a modern guard placed over them, all the original guards on all spans are intact and in good condition.

Below, a side view from the east of the 210-foot long K-Parker span and the 100' long pony span.

Below, a close-up of the portal. This bridge was originally built with diagonal knee-braces in the portal corners. The US 77 Black Bear Creek Bridge was also built in 1931 and still has its knee-braces, which would have been very similar to those on the bridge shown below. Also, note how small the SUV looks entering the portal.

Above,  west side view of this well-built bridge. The 210 foot K-Parker truss was a good design as this early example continues to prove.

Below, overview of the west side of all spans. Overall, this bridge was found to be in good shape.

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