Build your own Pony Truss Bridge

Using the plans on this page, You can build your own wooden pony truss bridge for use on your private property. The plans include a complete bill of materials list for all wood and metal parts. Anybody who can use tools and read plans should be able to build this bridge.

The finished bridge is 45'-0" long with a 16'-0" wide roadway. The bridge is designed for a 10-ton load. A stress diagram is included with the plans. This bridge was designed circa 1915 by the Iowa State Highway Commision.

Click on image for full screen (460k image size).

Send E-mail if you build the bridge!!!

Email me and send a picture of your version of the pony truss bridge shown in the plans and I will add it to this page. Limit of two pictures per builder and keep pictures below 100k image size!