Arkansas River Bridge, Tulsa Co.

The Jenks bridge

Built in 1948 by the Standard Paving Co., and bypassed in 1995, this bridge replaces a 1909 bridge that had served OK 11 and US 169 in the late 1930's and early 1940's.

Below, a photograph we took of the Jenks bridge in 2001.


Above, the builder's plaque. This bridge consists of 19 OSHC designed Parker pony spans. Each span is 100 feet long. This bridge is also unique for its wide deck with sidewalks.

Below, a deck view. Notice the extra railing tubes welded in between the bridge rails. Also note the liberal use of white paint, even on the concrete (where it is now peeling). This bridge has been used for pedestrians since it was bypassed.

Above, a side elevation of a typical span taken at night. Note that the deck is nearly halfway between the upper and lower chords even at the middle.

Below, another nighttime view with the bridge all lit up. The Jenks bridge has come along way since we first viewed it with its horrible black paint job.