Old OK 99 Little River, Seminole Co.

Built in 1929, this old highway bridge consists of two 100-foot long modified Pratt spans and steel stringer approaches supported on concrete piles, piers, and abutments.

Above, a view looking north. The long south approach is in fairly good shape.

Below, still looking north, an overview of the steel truss spans.

Above, the steel spans as seen from the deck. Note the general poor condition of the portals and sway bracing. This bridge has seen some abuse!

Below, side view of a span. The modified Pratt was a widely used bridge type in Oklahoma.

Above, our crew examining the damage done to the south through span. Our engineering expert is scratching his head with amazement. Note the amount of steel that has been welded to the endpost. Though the guard rail is not damaged, the endpost under all that steel looks like its been through a threshing machine. Also not the twisted, mangled collection of steel that used to be apart of the portal frame.

Below, a view of the north portal on the north steel span, and the two-span north stringer approach.

Above, another view of the north approach. We were informed by local residents that county maintenance workers were actually knocking off the concrete railing in an effort to get the bridge condemned. This is vandalism funded by your tax money!!!

Below, a final view of the structure. Other than the overhead steelwork, and some of the concrete, this bridge is in good shape, and illustrates the abuse that these old bridges can withstand and still give good service, since surprisingly, this bridge was not load posted.


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