Spunky Creek Bridge, Rogers County.

Built in 1913 by the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co., of Leavenworth Kansas, this 60-foot long pin-connected Pratt bedstead truss spans Spunky Creek in Catoosa. Below, an overview of this bridge. Because of the several short comings  of the bedstead design, it was always preferable, as has been here, to have approaches rather than just the truss span. Here the approaches are steel stringer spans with wooden decks.

Above, though partially missing and partially obscured, there is no doubt who built this bridge. Below, this view taken from below shows how this bridge is supported. The affair is very much like a bedstead, hence the name.

Above, bridge hunter Ken Parker serves as a scale for the truss.  Below, a photograph from the previous year when the bridge was still open for service. We weren't sure if the bridge was closed because of the tree limbs on the road, or the tree limbs weren't removed because the bridge is closed. We hope for the best for this old veteran of service.