Boggy Creek Bridge, Rogers Co.

Built in 1915, this 100-foot pin-connected Pratt through truss stands across Boggy creek just before it dumps into the Verdigris River. The location of the bridge is very scenic, and even the placement of the bridge, as viewed from the river, is impressive.

Above, this view should give an excellent idea as to the bridge's condition. It now stands idle, by-passed in 2001 or 2002 by a culvert. Such a replacement poorly fits the location.

Below, this is how the bridge appears when viewed from alongside the culvert.

Above, another view, with the river visible below. This structure was built by the same firm that constructed the old highway 88 bridge over the Verdigris River. It too has been by-passed.

Below, concrete-filled riveted tubular piers were very common until 1920. These appear to be in average condition.

Below, a close-view of the bridge from the side.  Overall, this bridge was in good condition, with little vehicle damage.