Salt Creek Bridge, Payne County

This fish-belly Pratt crosses Salt Creek in Payne County about one mile west of Yale. It is a very heavy bridge with a concrete deck (in fact, compare it to Kay County's Bird Nest Creek bridge, which is a similar fish-belly). In the photo above, you can see David, our engineering expert, examining this bridge which was built in 1920. The bridge is 79 feet long, according to the records, though it seems longer.

Below, David takes a break while I take an angle view of the side of this unusual bridge.

Below, when I said that this bridge was heavily built, I wasn't exaggerating. This is the heaviest pony truss bridge we have found that was not on a state highway. You can only use one word when describing any part of this bridge: beefy! There are three bars in the lower chord of this bridge. Like I said above, compare this bridge with the one in Kay County.