Deep Fork River Bridge, Okmulgee Co.

Built in 1908, this 7-panel pin-connected through Pratt is 118 feet long and features a lengthy west approach with a curve. This bridge is located 2 miles west, and 1/2 mile south of Nuyaka.

Below, a picture of the oldest bridge in Okmulgee Co. looking east.

Above, a side view looking south. The use of slender, weight-saving eyebars gives the pin-connected Pratt a slender, fragile appearance.

Below, looking southwest.

Above, looking east, with the unusual curved wooden approach in the foreground.

Below, looking west again, you can see part of the substructure of the approaches. This substructure is steel for the straight portions, and wood piles for the curved portions. Also note the tubular steel piers that the mainspan rests on. These are filled with concrete and called lally columns.

Above, in this view, looking east, you can see the wooden substructure of the approach.

Below, a final view of the truss span looking west.


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