Old OK 104 Arkansas River, Muskogee County.

Three bridges are documented on this site crossing the Arkansas River that were built by the Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co.: Ponca City's old bridge (now gone), Tulsa's 11th St. bridge, now being restored, and this bridge, now standing abandoned.

Above, looking south into the bridge. Each of the 10 pin-connected Parker spans is 175 feet in length.

Below, a view to the north from a bout the midpoint of the bridge. The heavy concrete deck is probably a later addition.

Above, looking north at the southern most span. This bridge had portal knee braces at one time, but they have been removed.

Below, though many are in bad condition, this bridge stands on tubular piers or riveted steel filled with concrete. Steel plate and angle shear walls connect each pair of piers. On most piers, the steel from the waterline down has rusted away, and large holes exist in the shear walls.

Above, another photograph at the south end. A steel stringer approach at the south end with much newer looking concrete piles suggests strongly that an 11th truss span once stood here. Abandoned abutments were also found under the approach.

Below, a final view of this impressive bridge form the south.  With the deteriorating condition of the piers, it is difficult to estimate how long this old veteran will be around to be admired.


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