OK 99 Across Hominy Creek, Osage County.


These four photographs show the weathered old veteran that carries OK 99 across Hominy Creek. Although I could not find a construction date on it, the bridge was built with a road way using the present 12 foot wide driving lanes, so it must date to the mid 40's. The main span is a 140 foot riveted K-Parker truss (I have called it a K-Parker truss because it is really not a true K-truss bridge, nor is it a true Parker truss, which is really just a Pratt truss with curved top chords) with a 70 foot beam span at each end. If the portals look weird that's because they have been replaced. In fact, a good portion of the original laced and riveted upper latteral system has been replaced with the welded tie plate sections you see in the portals.