Panther Creek, Garfield/Noble Co.

This bridge is located on the Garfield/Noble County line north of Lucien.

Conflicting accounts give the details of the pin-connected half-hip Pratt pony truss you see here. According to Garfield County, this bridge was built in 1905 and features a 55-foot mainspan. Noble County, however, claims a build date of 1918 and a mainspan length of 40 feet. We are inclined to accept the Garfield length claim, but don't know who's date is correct. Both counties seem to agree on an overall length of 72 feet and a deck width of 14 feet. Usually one county or the other will claim a bridge, but sometimes you get dual citizenship bridges.

The photos above and below, are looking south.

Above, a close-up of the east truss. Below, the hip connection. You can see the partial Lackawanna stamp on the endpost channel.



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