Old US 66 Rock Creek, Creek County

Here we see David, our engineering expert, standing in front of the endpost of this unique 1921 structure. The deck of the bridge is concrete with a brick wearing surface. Nearly every Route 66 enthusiast knows where this bridge is, across Rock Creek just west of Sapulpa.

Below, a flat side view of the bridge. The bridge is a 145' 8-panel riveted Parker through truss. It was built by Concrete ad Steel Construction Co. The horizontal struts running through the middle of the "x"s are to keep the vertical compression members from buckling Note that the sway bracing has been hit many times!


In the first photo, you may have noticed a 4-ton limit. There is a good reason for this, and this photo shows you why. In the picture, you can see that the vertical post has been bent, either from impact, or overloading. This post is a compression member and because it is bent, cannot handle as much force as the undamaged post opposite it. Of course, a lot of these problems could have been avoided if the designer had carried the lacing through between the guard rail mounting plates.

Above, an angle view of this handsome structure.

In this abutment view below, we can see some of the old abutment railing that is hidden from observers on the deck. These rails were very similar to the ones on the present Route 66 bridge in the background, which was built in the early 1950's.


And finally, another angle view, this time from an elevated position to catch the daylight under the bridge.


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