Big Creek Bridge, Craig County

Built in 1912, this 84-foot concrete arch is quite a nice bridge. Though built 15 years earlier, it has a lot of similarities to an arch span  in Osage County that was built by the highway commision. We speculate about whether or not this was a prototype for the later standard design bridge. Consistent with a bridge from 1912, it does not have the standard railings that were seen later, but a prototypical similar style. Above is a view through the span. Below, a most impressive side view.

Above, a much closer partial side view. Trusses aren't the only bridges that we like, these old arch spans are quite graceful and interesting to us too.

Below, in the foreground of this angled side view is one of the design features most like the Osage County example that caught our interest. The similarities across decades with the subtle projection of the abutments and wide railing posts is most unusual.

Above, a deck view of the railings. These are all poured-in-place. Below, another side view. The panel detail is only on the outside sides. This span is certainly interesting, and we hope it can stay around for many years to come.


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