Old US 62 Post Oak Creek, Comanche County

Built in 1930, this bridge once carried US 62 across this small creek on the old highway between Indiahoma and Cache. The bridge consists of four spans: an 80-foot Parker pony truss with riveted connections, a steel stringer span at the west end and two steel stringer spans at the east. The total length of the four spans is 193 feet. In the view above, you can see the bridge with the old Portland cement Bates-type paving which was used to surface the highway. All of the old alignments of US 62 in SW Oklahoma were paved with this Bates type pavement.

Below, a view of the truss from the deck.

Above, a side view of the truss span.

Below, a close-view of the truss as seen from the deck.

Above, a final view view of the bridge looking eastbound. This bridge is in fine condition, with all of its original features intact. It typifies many smaller highway bridges built in the mid-to-late 1920's and early 1930's.


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