Rock Creek Bridge, Coal County

Conflicting dates in this bridge's records may tell about its past. An original date of 1910 is given for this bridge, and it was "rehabilitated" in 1925. The structure you see in these photos is typical of those built new in 1925. However, this bridge is nearly an exact duplicate of another Coal County bridge, which has us speculating that they both could have come from the same structure. This has happened in other examples in Oklahoma, where truss bridges get moved and reused, and the date recorded is: the year the span was moved to its present location; year it was built in its original location; or the year of construction of the replaced span is kept. At any rate, it is excellent material for conversation. What we do know about this span is that it is 100 feet long, and features an 18-foot wide deck. The deck is concrete and lacks curbs, suggesting it has been replaced. The photo above is a view looking south through the span. The colors of the bridge blend well with the winter colors of the surrounding vegetation.

Below, a side view of the span.

Above, a view behind the portal frame. Below, Gulf steel mark on an angle.

Above, detail of the truss as seen from the deck. This bridge is a modified Pratt, identified by the added ties and struts.

Below, a view through the bridge looking north. The portal has been struck a few times, but is in better shape than many bridges we've seen.


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