Caney Creek Crossing, Cherokee Co.

Built in 1928, this 210-foot long bridge across Caney Creek is an excellent example of a riveted thru Parker truss.

In addition to the riveted steel span, a concrete-decked approach span of 1940's vintage is located on the south end of the bridge. The view above is looking south. The deck of the steel span is wood with steel runners.

Above, a view thru the deck, showing the steel runners. The guards have been replaced.

Below, a side view. Note that this bridge does not have the horizontal struts in the middle two panels as other bridges of this type often have in Oklahoma. Instead, all of the vertical posts have  been built heavily in this bridge.

Above, looking north. The concrete "fence" guards can be seen here behind modern steel rails.

Below, a silhouette of the portal against the late afternoon sky. Many bridges in Oklahoma were built with this type of portal.