OK 51 Baron Fork Creek Bridge, Cherokee Co.

Built in 1946, this heavy-duty 210-foot long K-Parker truss and two 100-foot Parker Pony truss bridge carries OK 51 across Baron Fork Creek between Stilwell and Tahlequah.  The above photo is looking wet thru the bridge.  Although built in 1946 with a wide deck, this bridge has several feature of the same type of bridge built during the 1930's, such as narrow curbs, and the heavy six X portal frame. The concrete "Fence" guards on the steel stringer approach spans have been replaced in an effort to make the bridge look newer.

Below, a side view allowing a good look at all three of the truss spans. The 10-panel 210' long K-Parker is a staple of Oklahoma roads and may bee seen throughout the state with many variations in design details.

Below, a close side view. There's plenty of clearance here with that 15'-10" tall portal.


I couldn't resist including the above photo, the bright members of the bridge contrasting against the deep blue sky simply looks great. Now, can any one tell which diagonal is the primary tension member here and which one is the counter?

In this photo below you can really appreciate the difference in sizes of the members between the 100' pony and the 210' thru span. The channels of the end posts and upper chords of the thru span are all double-laced, with a heavy cover plate on top.