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The Bridge Page is maintained by Wes Kinsler. Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to use a picture.

  2001-2010 Oklahoma Historic Bridge and Highway Group. Please do not use photos without a reference back to us or asking first (though, if you link to us from where you are using one of our photos, we usually don't mind). A $125 license fee will be charged per photo to anyone found using our pictures without a credit or link back. Please do not steal our pictures!!!! We go to great lengths traveling the roads of Oklahoma to see these bridges ourselves and photograph them. If you need extra pictures, or photos of specific bridge parts, feel free to write, as many pictures are taken that do not end up on these pages.

Oklahoma Bridges is a member creation of the Oklahoma Bridge & Highways Group

All the bridge photographs you see here are original photos taken on 35mm Fuji 400 film or with a digital Olympus camera for most images after 2005. After developing, photos are digitized via a flatbed scanner. Images may be used with permission without fee for non-commercial use with proper credit.

For many of the bridges you see on this website are many more photographs than what we actually publish online. If you are looking for more photos of a particular bridge, or photographs of construction details, etc, please contact Wes Kinsler via e-mail at: webmaster@wkinsler.com.

Thank you for visiting Oklahoma Bridges!!!

Oklahoma Historic Bridge and Highway Group

David Erickson, founding member November 2000-present dam expert

Wes Kinsler, founding member November 2000-present bridge expert

Ken Parker, member Febuary 2004-present highway expert

Marita Snchez, member, May 2001-present art expert

Kyle Wright, member, March 2004-present restaurant expert

The Oklahoma Historic Bridge and Highway Group (OHB&HG) is a collection of persons interested in seeing Oklahoma  who venture out into Oklahoma's wide open country side on select weekends to photograph historic and noteworthy infrastructure and see other natural and man-made sites that the state has to offer. Because of the scope of our group's interests, each member has specialized on a particular area for the webpage that they choose to publish and maintain.

History of the Group

It all started in November, 2000, when Wendy Robinson, a friend of Wes Kinsler, loaned him her camera to photograph the first two bridges for a webpage that would eventually be called Oklahoma Bridges.  The first photo, below was not the first bridge featured when the site was initially launched.

The first two bridges photographed were the OK 18 bridge crossing the Arkansas River at Ralston (above) and the now demolished old US 60 bridge across the Arkansas River at Ponca City. This was in November, 2000. A few weeks later, David Erickson became interested in coming and photographing the bridges, and OK bridges was born. On the first bridge hunt we photographed four bridges: Blackbear Creek bridge in Pawnee, the old OK 18 Arkansas River Bridge, re-photographed the Ponca City bridge, and the OK 156 bridge across the Salt Fork Arkansas River bridge. Oklahoma Bridges was launched mid-December 2000 with these four bridges with the Salt Fork Arkansas River bridge being the first one you saw when the page loaded. Eventually, those of us interested in bridge hunting formed the Oklahoma Highways Group.

Although we were visiting non-bridge structures from nearly the beginning, it wasn't until later that it occurred to us to document them online as we were the bridges. In May of 2009, we recognized that our interests encompassed dams, locks, canals, and other civil and transportation infrastructure, it was felt a change in name and mission was needed for the group. As of May 30th, we are the Oklahoma Historic Bridge and Highway Group, "Documenting Oklahoma's historic infrastructure."

Thank you for visiting Oklahoma Bridges.

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